Polka with Attitude!

The Chardon Polka Band is known for being innovative and extremely adaptive with the ability to please almost any audience; whether it be 20-somethings at a college hang-out or the patrons of a local senior center. In their nine years together, the band has made a name for itself by adding a colorful twist to the traditional genre of the polka.

The Chardon Polka Band is not your average polka band. They are a group that brings new life and energy to this traditional music. While the group has an extensive catalogue of traditional polkas, they are not afraid to bring their own tunes into the mix along with polka-pop covers of artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Ga. The band got their start in the Cleveland music scene; playing countless area fairs, festivals, and venues. While remaining very active in Cleveland, the band can often be found taking their music on the road and performing at a variety of events across the east. From performing at an NFL game to headlining for some of the largest Oktoberfests in the nation to opening for the prestigious Cleveland Orchestra; the band loves pleasing crowds anywhere and everywhere.

The Chardon Polka Band is happy to take part in continuing the Cleveland polka tradition while adding their own unique edge and antics to the genre.


The Unlikely Comeback of Polka

Northeast Ohio has a world-wide reputation for being home to Classical Music, as well as Rock and Roll. But, another old, local musical heritage is experiencing new life. ideastream’s David C. Barnett heads to the dance floor, exploring the unlikely comeback… of polka — and a band that’s leading the charge. Jake Kouwe adjusts the

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Most Interesting People 2015: Jake Kouwe

Jake Kouwe CHARDON POLKA BAND ACCORDIONIST AND VOCALIST, 28 Cleveland Magazine, January 2015 Issue  WHY HE’S INTERESTING: He isn’t your grandfather’s polka-band frontman. With long hair held back with a bandana, the Burton resident energetically leads his quintet through a repertoire that includes classics such as the Frank Yankovic hit “Just Because” to a straight-up version

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Tulsa Oktoberfest Polka Band Members Say They’re Keeping It Young – And Bizarre

NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com | By  TONY RUSSELL, NEWS ON 6 TULSA, Oklahoma – A Polka band playing at Oktoberfest this year is drawing crowds of all ages. They play everything – from your what your grandparents like to current hits. The Chardon Polka Band is playing

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