Schools and Youth Programs

The members of The Chardon Polka Band were all fortunate enough to have a variety musical experiences and opportunities to learn about music at very young ages. It is for this reason that the band shares a common passion for bringing their music to youth across the county. In Northeast Ohio and beyond, The Chardon Polka Band endeavors to bring unique educational programs to schools and other youth programming venues. These school programs engage kids with creativity and earnestness as the band teaches and plays. As is the case with their typical stage show at a fair or festival, audience participation is instrumental in the bands school programming as well.

The Chardon Polka Band’s typical school assembly serves to:
• Inspire creativity
• Expose children to a variety of musical instruments and styles
• Emphasize the importance of practice and perseverance
• Bolster activity with movement and music

The Chardon Polka Band truly enjoys bringing their brand of music to children through youth activities and school programs. Children of all ages respond to the band’s honesty, personas, and fun music.

“The Chardon Polka Band puts on some of the most fantastic children’s programs at our library. The kids not only LOVE their programs, but they also LEARN so much about music, rhythm, instruments, movement, & more! They bring SO MUCH energy to their programs that the kids, and even adults, enjoy their work. Book them-they are great!”

Christina Mihalic, Youth Services Manager
Burton Public Library (Burton, OH)

“Our kids really enjoyed your concert. Not only did you play music that the kids enjoyed but they also learned something about your music. I would highly recommend you to any school.”

Andy Carner, Principal
St. Mary’s School (Berea, OH)