Emily Kouwe

Saxophone / Flute
Location: Burton, Ohio
Birthday: August 25
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Photography, Wool Applique

Each member of “The Chardon Polka Band” has a very different musical background. Emily Burke, the group’s saxophonist, has a rich history in music. From grade school through college, Emily received training on various instruments. Her forte was the flute. During high school, Emily was part of the prestigious and selective “Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony” as well as various school bands at Chardon High School.

After graduating high school, Emily attended Westminster College for music education. In college, she was involved in various bands including flute choir, chamber ensemble, charming trio, wind ensemble, and concert band. From college she moved on to a full time position teaching music and directing band and choir.

Today, Emily is still using her talents and knowledge to pass on her love of music to a new generation. When not busy juggling a busy polka schedule she is an extremely active and sought after substitute teacher in Northeast Ohio. Emily also teaches private music lessons, instilling zeal and building skill in her youthful students.

Ever the teacher and eager to reach the band’s young audiences, Emily launched a blog called “Emily’s Polka Clubhouse”. Utilizing written posts and video blogs, or vlogs, Emily cleverly combines polka trivia with fun anecdotes and heartfelt lessons. Young fans, and older ones as well, love tuning in to see what Emily has to say each week. As “The Chardon Polka Band” is fairly well known for singing a lot about beer and similar topics, Emily has shaped a way to make the music and genre accessible to kids. Emily’s approach to youth oriented ideas fits clearly inline with the band’s goals of bringing the genre to new audiences. (Check out the blog at polkaclubhouse.blogspot.com)

Fans young and old love Emily’s bubbly personality and endless enthusiasm.


Emily’s Featured Video