Joey Dahlhausen

Location: Burton, Ohio
Birthday: August 22
Hobbies: Gardening, Home Brewing, Pest Control

Joe Dahlhausen took up drums in 5th grade when he enlisted in the Berkshire Elementary School band. Joe remained active in school bands through the end of high school and performed with Berkshire’s pep band, honors band, concert band, and marching band. However, Joe’s interest in music extended beyond the walls of his school. Joe founded the punk rock band “Faded” during his junior year of high school; playing bass, doing vocals, and writing the group’s songs.

Taking a nod from groups such as Pennywise, MXPX, Primus, Unearth, and Sepultura; Joe would be involved in a number of bands over the next twelve years playing either drums or bass. Such acts included “Fighting with Anakin” (punk), Sichorde (metal/punk/raggae/rock), Scrying Rapture (metal), and Crucible Steele (thrash metal).

polkapunk1In 2011, Joe met accordion player Jake Kouwe at a bar. After exchanging phone numbers, Joe found himself playing bass with “The Chardon Polka Band” as a stand-in just one week later. Joe became band’s primary back-up drummer the following year and traveled with the group during their busy 2012 Oktoberfest Season.

Today, Joe is playing with the Chardon Polka Band full time and more enthusiastic than ever about performing and sharing a unique experience with audiences across the country. Drawing certain similarities between polka and punk rock, Joe brings his own brand of drumming to polka. His diverse musical background allows him to approach the genre with an open mind and some new ideas.

When not playing with the Chardon Polka Band; Joe is an avid gardener and enjoys sharing his interests and passions with his daughter, Calista.