Pirates, Women, and Beer – 2009

Released in 2010 

Pirates, Women, And Beer may have been The Chardon Polka Band’s debut album release, but it remains a very big fan favorite. The album offers up a plentiful helping of old polka favorites like “The Too Fat Polka” and “Who Stole The Kishka”, while introducing polka fans to creative and comical originals like “Free Beer Polka” and “The Pirate Polka”. The band did their best to balance out traditional and new with this release.

Expect to hear some of your very favorite polkas, and some new ones too, with Pirates, Women, And Beer.

1. Free Beer Polka
2. Two Sisters Polka
3. I’ve Got a Wife At Home
4. Polka Dancing Girl
5. The Pirate Polka
6. Old Style Beer
7. Leia’s Waltz
8. Oh Marie Polka
9. Hymn Medley
10. Too Fat Polka
11. Who Stole the Keeshka
12. Deli Girl Polka
13. Polka All Night