June 5, 2017 in In the News

Lively Polka Music Performed at Germanfest

Moments after the polka music sprang to life Saturday night at Germanfest, so did some dancers. “It’s in the spirit, it’s uplifting,” the Rev. Tim Haberkorn, of Sacred Heart-St. Joseph Parish, said of the polka music. “It reminds us of home and traditions.” Polka is a music native to Germany, Poland and a number of

September 16, 2016 in In the News

Megaphones, Merriment Set Polka Concert Apart

Chardon Polka Band hit the stage at the Cat in the Cream Wednesday with all the blustery spirit of a blaring megaphone. The motley crew of musicians, miscellaneous instruments and multitude of styles created an atmosphere of playful spontaneity that permeated each moment of this group’s unorthodox interpretation of polka music. At the start of

July 18, 2016 in In the News

CBS This Morning: Greetings from Cleveland

From www.cbsnews.com As “CBS This Morning” kicks off a week of convention coverage from Cleveland, correspondent Mo Rocca shows us the area’s unique sights and sounds, starting off in the “Ohio City” district, one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods. This city was originally called the Forest City. Then it was known as the Best Location in