The Chardon Polka Band’s Old Time Tent Revival

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Album releases on August 25th, 2017. Pre-orders will ship on August 28th CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER

It may not be the first gospel polka album to have ever been recorded, but The Chardon Polka Band’s Old Time Tent Revival blazes new trails and offers a unique take on this traditional music. The Chardon Polka Band tackles your favorite old hymns and spirituals like only they can: with wit, nostalgia, humor, and a heartfelt affection for the source material. Highlighting some pieces from the band’s popular church service performances, the album features tunes like “In the Garden”, and “How Great Thou Art”. Familiar songs are given very different treatment, like “Amazing Grace” sung to the tune of “The Happy Wanderer”. The band shows off their choral backgrounds with vocal arrangements like “Ibidem Cervisa Non Set In Caelis” and “Responsorial Psalm for the Seventh Sunday”.

Whether you’ve grown up with these songs or are new to either the polka or gospel genres, The Chardon Polka Band’s Old Time Tent Revival is a well crafted blend of musical styles that any music fan can enjoy.

1. Standing on the Promises
2. Blood Medley
3. Welcome Table
4. Come Now and Worship
5. Responsorial Psalm for the Seventh Sunday
6. The Old Rugged Cross
7. Amazing Grace
8. Ibidem Cervisa Non Est In Caelis
9. How Great Thou Art
10. In the Garden
11. Reprise (Power in the Blood)
12. Sunday School Medley
13. In the Sweet By and By